FAQ - Pay Per View

What is Pay per view with Fight Show Live?

Pay-per-view are premium live events that are available for purchase. 

Where is my password?

After you have purchased your ticket you will be emailed your password from Fightshow.live.nz@gmail.com. Please check your SPAM folder if you have not received our email.

How long can I access a Pay-Per-View events?

This video will be available ON DEMAND for 3 days after the event.


You can buy Pay-Per-View events on Fight Shows LIVE by selecting the event you wish to purchase and following the on screen purchase instructions.

2 Factor Auth Code?

Every time you switch devices, you are EMAILED a 2FA code.

If you try to access the video on two devices at the same time, you are locked out for 5 minutes. 

Where’s my show?

Immediately after the show, the footage has to be encoded. This takes approximately 3+ hours. Once this encoding has completed, you will be able to watch your event from the beginning.

Why is my Video is buffering/lagging?

If you are having issues with the video playing, try the following

  1. Close down all other applications.
  2. Close other tabs in your browser.
  3. Ensure you do not have a VPN connection running. 
  4. Do a speed test -e.g Speedtest.net.
  5. On-demand – If your download speed is low, your device may have an issue displaying the LIVE feed. The Live feed is a high resolution (1080 dpi) which your device may struggle to show smoothly on a low speed connection. However, once the event is finished, and the file is encoded, you will be able to access the video ON-DEMAND. Once the the video is ON-DEMAND, you will see a higher quality image as the device can modify the resolution while it plays.